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Free Gift with Purchase - And a Greater Vision

Posted by Danielle Long on

Greater vision? Sounds pretty serious.....but not really. We just decided that shopping online should be fun, like a friends day out, poking around town visiting fun little shops. (As we've mentioned before.)

Shopping in general can be enjoyable. Unfortunately, it can also be a drag. And while online shopping is super convenient and more secure than ever, it's usually just not as personal and rewarding as meandering through rows of things, picking through shelves and tables to find the perfect treasure. But even that can be exhausting and discouraging. So I started thinking.....what is it about physical shopping that contributes to us enjoying the trip and coming home happy? 

Here's a few things I came up with:

  • It feels like an escape. 
  • Seeing new things.
  • Finding the perfect items.
  • Sharing the experience with a friend.
  • Feeling like you got a great deal.
  • Getting FREE stuff. 

(At least this is true for me.) And if you come home with something that makes you feel pretty, or makes your house look pretty, it's icing on the cake, right? Well, that's what sparked the idea of offering a free gift to our customers. While we continue to evaluate how our store is doing, and most of all.... how our customers feel about shopping there, we thought a free gift with purchase would be a good place to start. It's not anything huge, just a fun little item for our customers to keep for themselves, or give to a friend or family member. 

Here's our very first FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE promotion:

Seahorse Mansion - Free Gift with Purchase

It's crazy, but it's even fun for us to give these away. These colorful, beachy, beaded bracelets are just right for a casual day out. It won't weigh you down and has a young, fun attitude. Of course, we love the starfish charm. (And we hope when you wear it, it reminds you of your favorite online boutique.) Make sure to check out the details.

We have much more on the horizon, as we continue to grow. We are also asking that you please comment below with any ideas or suggestions you may help us make shopping at Seahorse Mansion more fun and enjoyable. Last but not least, if you like our store, please share it with a friend. 

-Jackie, Mansion Manager

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