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Thoughtful Gifts Require a Little More.......Thought

Posted by Danielle Long on

With Mother's Day approaching, and gift giving holidays always upon us, many of us are scrambling to find the perfect gift. Those very special people in our lives deserve the very best. We can always follow tradition and go with the acceptable staples, such as flowers, candy, jewelry or gift cards. Most friends and relatives are appreciative of those things. Especially our moms, because they love us so much, and any form of gifting from their children is cherished.'s time to start thinking out of the box. Try something unexpected. Not only will our loved ones enjoy an added element of surprise, but we will get more out the experience ourselves. Shopping for a gift should be an adventure, not a chore.

To get those creative juices flowing and the adventure started here's just a few great gift ideas from our store that are exciting to give, always nice to receive and a little out of the ordinary. While these may not make it in time for Mother's Day, a belated gift is often fun (out of the box). Give her a pretty card with a note explaining her gift is a little different this year and will arrive at a later date. It will give her something to look forward to and add a little mystery to the mix....unless your mom is a stickler for dates and times. In that case, do what you gotta do my friend. But remember, these are great ideas for all those other occasions that spring up throughout the year as well.....birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, house warming parties, and the list goes on.

Hitomi Cast Iron Teapot - $57.99

Bamboo Wooden Tray - $29.99

Stainless Elegance Candle Holder Set - $34.99

Flowering Tree Throw Pillow Covers - $9.99 each

Zara Ornamental Lantern - $29.99

For more ideas visit our store and pick your favorite category. Or search "gift ideas". All domestic orders over $25.00 will get free shipping!

(While you're there, check out our sale items!)

Be prepared for those upcoming occasions....and enjoy them!!!


Jackie, Mansion Manager




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