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Funky Home Decor 

Posted by Danielle Long on

5 Quick, Trendy, Cheap & Easy Ideas:


I've spent most of my "decorating life" doing things on the fly ....and on a tight budget. In my earlier years I became discouraged. The problem was that my super amazing, designer vision was being greatly held back by lack of funds. Eventually, I discovered this lot in life not only made me more creative and resourceful, but carved into me the indispensable skill of making something out of nothing....even lots of somethings out of nothings. My family and friends appreciate my eye for color and design, and are often surprised how little I allow myself to spend on the luxury of home decor. 

Here's just a few simple ideas to get even the most timid, yet creative, of budget designers on a roll: 


Idea 1 - Minimalist Planters

I recommend sticking with a solid color that blends easily with its surroundings. Neutrals such as  whites, browns, blacks, and grays work with anything and make a great backdrop for all types of greenery. Mixing too many vivid tones can start to look cluttered.... especially once you start adding plants, each having unique hues of their own. Plant worthy pots are easy to find and usually very affordable. You might even have a few stashed away already. Use plants that are easy to care for and suitable for the area they will be placed in. Artificial plants work well if you have a black thumb ...or if, like me, you're too busy to maintain living plants. They are also great for rooms that do not get ample lighting, such as windowless bathrooms or hallways. The natural grace of a plant adds effortless style and comfort to the feel of a room. 


Idea 2 - Strings of Lights

There are so many bulb sizes, shapes, strand lengths, wattage's and color temperatures available now days. Factor these in to the many ways light strands can be used (indoors and out) to add life to a living area, and you can see why these make sense. A few of these gems, to add sparkle to a space, is worth the small splurge. We have a couple options in our store if you would like to check them out. See Garden Fairy Lights and Vintage Bulb String Lights.


Idea 3 - Vintage Treasures

If you haven't been in your basement or attic for awhile it might be time to re-visit. To inject a bit of character into a space, while going for the laid back vibe of today's casual decor trends, look for something from the the past. Even if it doesn't work mechanically it could totally work artistically. The patina of an item that has stood the test of time can add a sense of charm and sophistication to your home if the placement is well thought out. Garage sales, flea markets and estate sales are great places to find these items as well. Look for colors and textures that compliment your modern furnishings and pieces that tell a story. 


Idea 4 - Vacation Photos

Snapshots taken during travels can easily be converted to beautiful works of art ....worthy of gracing the space above your sofa, headboard or fireplace. There are many services available making it super simple to upload any personal photo and convert it into a ready-to-hang canvas print stretched over a sturdy frame. Just a couple of those services I'm familiar with are Walgreens Photo, Shutterfly, and Walmart Photo. The picture above was taken during a trip to Florida in the winter. I made a few small edits with some free editing software, cropped it bit, and ended up with a gorgeous piece of artwork. ...Well, I like it anyway. 


Idea 5 - Throw Pillow "Covers"

I've mentioned this idea before, but it's worth mentioning again. I really like throw pillow "covers"! They are very affordable and can slip over the pillows you already have. You don't have to put anything in the landfill and your room is instantly transformed with whatever splash of color, texture or design you would like to add. Most of them are machine washable as well. It's just so much easier to wash a fabric cover then to wash a whole pillow. Also, the size, color and design options online are abundant. Our store happens to have a nice selection of throw pillow covers if you would like to look. Just have fun with it!


I'm keeping my posts short and sweet for now, as I'm still fairly new at blogging ....learning as I go. Until next time, happy creating and decorating!





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