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Fantastic Animals and Where to Place Them

Posted by Danielle Long on

Nothing brings character and interest into a space more than an animal. From an actual furry friend to a wall hanging or sculpture, the spirit of a creature in your home can bring movement and excitement, drawing in the connection to nature and introducing forms and shapes that pop against mundane patterns. Liven up a space with one of the beautiful creatures described below, or find your own spirit animal and make it shine!

 1. Deer

Curious and mysterious, a deer evokes the feeling of wanderlust in all of us. There is a gentleness, a feeling of peace, and a fragility of nature that arises in one who watches a deer spring through a misty field. According to Spirit of Totems,  deer teach us to maintain our innocence, be open-hearted, and embrace the force of nature as we make the best of what we have, not what we desire.

Deer invoke a feeling of grace and nature that would work in almost any home. From sculpted horns to smooth movements, they provide shapes that can be repeated and recognized quickly. A deer sculpture in motion can close up large spaces when one imagines the path they take. A deer bust (head and shoulders) can create a peaceful centerpiece that will give guests a sense of security.

Deer Wall Hook

 2. Elephants

A decorator never forgets. If you're seeking a worldly, bohemian style, look no further than the wise and humble elephant. This gentle creature gives off a calm, but funky vibe to any space, and often represents wisdom, truth, and unrelenting kindness. According to Wild Gratitude, the elephant also represents self-awareness, power, and responsibility, for the trunk of an elephant is strong enough to uproot a tree, and careful enough to pick a flower.

In design, the elephant is both a positive symbol and recognizable shape, and can draw interest and meaning to your space. Not only is a forward-facing elephant a beautiful shape to see, but the curve of the trunk in sculptures can show motion and balance. You can even use an elephant as a transition into a bohemian-style that's sure to brighten a space. Your guests won't be able to leave until they address the elephant in the room.   Elephant Wallpaper

 3. Birds

Birds may seem like a flighty design choice, but don't be fooled. A bird represents, among other things, a desire for freedom and the anticipation for adventure. Expressing the same connection to nature as the deer, birds have a passion for travel and exploration. Also, their thin structure can showcase grace, beauty and balance with the winds of change. Most of all, birds remind us of our dreams, and urges us to chase them like a bird chases the sky.

With a bold array of difference kinds and colors, birds can be lively additive to any style of decor. Create an elegant, luxurious feel with the image of a peacock, add a cute, vintage charm with bird cages and feather patterns, or, mix your feathery passion with coastal flair and display island/coastal birds to tie it in with a beach-house theme. If you can't decide, just wing it! Bird Wallpaper    Filigree Bird Ironwork Candle Holder 

 4. Fish

Decor is better down where it's wetter! If you want to showcase bright colors, varieties of shapes, and a movement to your space that flows like the depths of a coral reef, look no further than the expansive collection of sea-life our wonderful waters showcase so freely. According to What', sea-creatures dwell in the waters of spiritual depth and knowledge. In Christianity, the fish is a sign of overwhelming abundance and faith, and in other cultures, fish represent transformation, balance, and belonging. Because of the vast mystery of the ocean, some view sea-life as creatures from the dream world, a realm of which we have not fully explored.

Transform any space into an aqua oasis by incorporating fish patterns, ocean colors and even nautical garb to show your passion for exploration. You can easily take advantage of the familiar shape of fish to establish a motif, while still keeping your display varied and interesting. Don't shy away from collecting sculptures and wall-hangings of your favorite critter, be it the gentle, giant whale, or the colorful, gem-like sea turtle. Your design is an endless ocean.

Every individual creature has a certain voice and feel, and many people have unique reasons why they choose to display foxes, birds, elephants and even mythological creatures in their abode. To create the sense of calm we all crave in our personal spaces think about the animals and elements that speak to you and allow them presence through out your home. 

 Written by: Tiffany Durbin 

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