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Coastal Decor Styles You Haven't Thought Of

Posted by Danielle Long on

It's all about being original. As an owner/manager/buyer in the e-commerce home decor arena I find this to be true on many levels. Finding unique items for the store, trying to set it apart from every other coastal decor store on the web, has been a challenging yet eye opening experience. Having a naturally creative personality makes it easy to think out of the box. It also makes me one of "those" people who don't enjoy blending in but would rather stand out as an original, unexpected anomaly. Okay, not in the special snowflake way, but in a way that makes me "me". I believe when it comes to our homes, most of us have the same inherent need to create surroundings that express ideas that are fully our own. Taking inspiration from others is one thing, but yeah, when it comes down to the choices we make for own spaces they should be extensions of our ourselves.

So, in the spirit of marching to the beat of our own drums I've put together a few small product collections that emit an inviting, yet uncommon, energy. Consider this a starting point to get your creative juices flowing. Using examples of products from our own viby little store, Seahorse Mansion, I hope these tickle your fancy. 



  • "Beachy Bohemian Romance" 





  • "Glitzy Coastal Calm" 





  • "Sealife Grayscale Vintage"




Got you thinking didn't I? If you like these, or even if you don't, visit our Seahorse Mansion Pinterest page. We've created a bunch of boards with many more great ideas from all over the web!

A totally unrelated note:
We are in the process of expanding our gift line. So if you're like me and can never find that perfect gift for all the special people in your life check back often. Many of our current items make great gifts already. Click here to see products tagged as "gift ideas".
Happy shopping and joyous living!

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