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Natural Elements Indoors for a Healthy Brain

Posted by Danielle Long on

Wood, stone, earth tones, animal, ocean, floral ....products with these descriptions are easy to find in today's home decor offerings. We are "naturally" drawn to them. We all know being surrounded by nature is good for our well being, but do we know the full extent of it? In Sara Iven's book, "Forest Therapy: Seasonal Ways to Embrace Nature for a Happier You", she talks about forest bathing, countryside couple's therapy, and the healing psychological effects of Mother Nature. Many are practicing these therapies and finding much needed relief.

We also know from experience that spending time outside, away form the concrete jungle of our modern cities, goes a long way in relieving stress and re-invigorating our inner selves. Why else would we rent cabins in the mountains, or walk by the seashore, or leave our safe havens of home for far away adventures. 

In an article published by Harvard Medical School, the author explains the benefits of a growing scientific field called Ecotherapy. This is a study of how nature effects our brains. He explains even 20-30 minutes a day for just 3 days a week in nature is helpful and benefits our well being. He also talks about bringing elements of nature indoors to enhance our daily surroundings Many of us know this to some degree but don't think about it or practice it often enough. 

Lucky for us, today's decor trends are all about incorporating natural elements into our design schemes. As we've moved past different design styles throughout generations we always seem to come back to the warm welcoming tones and textures found in nature. It always works. It always feels right. Here's a few items, some from our store and some from others, that fit the bill. 

Note: Some of these you could make yourself.


Wreath | Welcome Spring


Large Beach Stone Vase


Coaster | Wooden Black Walnut


Riley Rattan Lantern


Branches and Wood Wall Hanging


Hope these gave you some ideas. If you like these particular items just click on the pictures for the links. And don't forget to schedule some time in nature after you're done shopping online. 



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