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Coastal Inspired Decor and Treasures for Beach and Lakeside Living

Posted by Danielle Long on

A little more about Seahorse Mansion.

Ahhh.... here we are in the days of virtual reality.... and Seahorse Mansion is another virtual store on the scene for your shopping convenience. But let me assure you the products are real, the people behind the products are real and our passion to make your experience a great one is real and definite. We hope with all sincerity you find our store unique, personal, welcoming....and a place you like to frequent. Think of us as a favorite neighborhood boutique or a quaint little shop you stumbled upon in your travels. We invite you to pop in anytime just to look around.

We have many plans for new products and store development on the horizon, so each month you will see something new. Some are taking place very soon. You won't want to miss our free gift with purchase offers, product giveaways, email subscriber coupons and newly listed products. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. Also, be sure to subscribe to this blog and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so we can keep you in the loop!

Your feedback is extremely important.  We have two wishes for our customers that will serve as guideposts for operations: "Coastal calm is a state of mind," and most importantly, "leave happy and return soon." So if there's any reason you don't leave our store happy, or you don't wish to return, please email me with your suggestions and  concerns. I will personally address your thoughts and issues as timely as possible. 

Thank you for stopping by. My email is listed below and on the home page of our website. If you would like to get shopping here's a direct link to our products: All Products. Enjoy exploring Seahorse Mansion!


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