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Meet Our Store Mascot, Vertigris!

Posted by Danielle Long on - Vertigris

As we are still loading products and arranging our store I was thinking....what would be an interesting blog post? Well....I think you will like the story of Vertigris. Who's Vertigris? She is the beautifully rendered hippocampus who graces the center of our Seahorse Mansion logo. We knew we wanted a very striking logo, a design people would be drawn to and come to love. It needed to relate to the sea and the lake but not entirely. Like our store we wanted it to stand out as something unique and even a bit mysterious.

After tossing around a heap of crazy ideas, a lot of contemplation and a zillion drafts, Vertigris was finally born. I jotted down a quick sketch of what I thought she should look like. Then my talented daughter, Tiffany, scanned it into her computer and did her magic. She erased, added and tweaked until it was transformed it into a beautiful work of art. She chose a color that aligned with the thoughts we had tossed around in the process. It made us think of a vertigris, patina finish. She said "Vertigris!". That's her name. And it stuck. The rest of the logo was built around that image. It was also Tiffany's idea to arrange the font in a circle which was a good call. I've grown to trust her artist eye. As you can imagine, the part she played in the creation of this logo makes it very near and dear to my heart.  

We hope everyone enjoys the logo as much as we do. Check out our Seahorse Mansion merchandise in our Exclusive Products category. We have tees, hoodies and some really cool beach bags in fun "beachy" colors. The logo is such a super cool design...we know you'll want to wear it. These items make great gifts as well! Please visit our store often as we grow and evolve... and tell your friends and family about us.  

Thank you sharing in our new venture!   


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  • Love the logo and the name Verdigris.
    Can’t wait to see what else is in store!

    Jennifer Jones on

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